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Sustainable Campus / Green Fund / 2013-2014 mini-grants

2013-2014 mini-grants

2013-2014 mini-grants

The Student Green Fund provided funding in an effort to help students realize their ideas for sustainability and environmental progress at FSU. Preliminary funding for the Student Green Fund was provided by the Student Government Association and administered through Sustainable Campus and FSU Facilities.

Funded projects

SGA provided $10,000 to support a mini-green fund, which in turn was used to support three student-led sustainability projects around campus. All three projects focused on educational and operational strategies to reduce the amount of waste generated on campus:

  1. Students involved with PeaceJam sought out to “green” the annual Southeast Peace Jam conference through a series of waste reduction strategies. As representatives of FSU and PeaceJam, they wanted to “walk the walk” of PeaceJam’s Global Call to Action for the environment. Over 700 attendees reduced their eco-footprints by utilizing reusable water bottles and using compostable food service items (plates, cups, utensils) throughout the weekend.
  2. Sustainable Engineered Solutions, a student organization from the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering set up a series of educational opportunities for Engineering students to learn more about sustainability in the context of waste reduction in their building. Stickers on paper towel dispensers will remind users that “[paper towels] come from trees and to please only take only what you need.” SES/COE branded reusable mugs will be distributed to students to use at the COE coffee station, in lieu of disposable cups; students will also receive a discount when using their reusable mug. Finally, SES will conduct a small scale educational waste audit of the COE in the fall of 2014.
  3. Strozier and Dirac Libraries were outfitted with new hydration stations, so library users will be able to easily refill their reusable water bottles.