Diversity & Equity

Equity & SUstainability

Sustainable development must be economically viable, environmentally sound, and socially just. Ensuring access to clean water, air, soil, and food for everyone is paramount in a sustainable future. FSU is home to ongoing research and student initiatives that work toward a healthy future for the planet and people.

Diversity & inclusion at fsu

As detailed in the Strategic Plan our approach starts with a belief that diversity is about more than a particular head count: it must reflect the quality and depths of interactions.  With programs like Unconquered scholars, FSU is redefining what inclusion can mean on college campuses- which has led to our being named one of only 10 “Diversity Champion” universities nationally recognized by INSIGHT Into Diversity Magazine. By valuing, celebrating and leveraging the differences and similarities within our community, we create a fertile environment for problem-solving- one that is more inventive and compassionate.  

For more information about diversity and inclusion at FSU, please visit diversity.fsu.edu.


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