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Green Office Certification

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The Green Office Certification program seeks to align campus operations with sustainable practices while providing meaningful learning opportunities for faculty, staff, and students and will provide a framework for implementing green practices into the work environment.  The program features action items in three primary categories: 
(1) energy conservation;
(2) waste reduction, and
(3) recycling. 

To participate, offices are expected to implement at least half of the items in each category and are also encouraged to adopt on-going practices in the areas of transportation, purchasing, special events, and technology.  By completing items provided on the certification checklist, certified offices will contribute to the mission of the Sustainable Campus Initiative by promoting resource conservation and cost savings at FSU and within the campus community.

Participation in the Green Office Certification Program is completely voluntary.  Offices expressing interest in participating should appoint a Green Team Liaison who will maintain regular communication with the Green Office Certification Coordinator.  This person will develop a timeline and action plan with the coordinator by aligning the certification checklist with office practices.  The office will implement relevant checklist items throughout the semester and will be eligible for certification after one semester.  Participants are given flexibility to adopt relevant practices that are not included in the checklist and these additional practices will serve as recommendations for future action.

Interested in certifying your office? Contact:
Kristen Lee
Sustainable Campus Program Coordinator