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Green Office Certification

Green Office Certification logo


The Green Office Certification Program seeks to align campus operations with sustainable practices while providing meaningful learning opportunities for faculty and staff. The Certification acts as a framework for implementing green practices in FSU’s workplace environments, by sparking action within energy conservation, waste reduction, recycling, transportation and purchasing. By completing items provided on the certification checklist, certified offices will contribute to the mission of the Sustainable Campus program by promoting resource conservation and cost savings within the campus community.

Participation in the Green Office Certification Program is completely voluntary. Each office looking to certify will appoint a Green Team Liaison who will maintain regular communication with the Green Office Certification Coordinator. Together, the Liaison and the Coordinator will develop a timeline and action plan by aligning the certification checklist with office practices. 

Check out our newly revamped Certification Survey

Depending upon current practices and future actions, your office can receive one of three designations: Green, Garnet, or Gold Certification! Your office will gain access to the Green Office logo which can be included on your website or in publications. There is also room for creativity: participants can propose and adopt relevant practices not included in the checklist, known as innovation points, which will count towards total points. All offices have two semesters to implement the actions described within Green Office and your certification is good for three years!

The FSU Green Office Certification program currently has 27 active offices certified and approximately 2,000 people have been reached by a variety of Green Office initiatives.  

If your office is already certified, please re-certify through the new system within one calendar year.  

Interested in certifying your office? Contact:
Kristen Lee
Sustainable Campus Program Coordinator