Karina Title Slide

Partner: Apalachee Canoe and Kayak Club (ACKC)

Project: Big Bend River Advocate

Student: Karina Sultan, Second Year Undergraduate in Environment and Society

In Spring 2022, Karina worked with the Apalachee Canoe and Kayak Club (ACKC) to create a website informing the public about the organization’s activities.

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Partner: SportsAbility Alliance

Project: Florida Accessible Beach Access Research

Students: Dorothy Lane, First Year Graduate Student in Social Work and Public Administration & Elisa Martinez Cancino, First Year Graduate Student in Social Work and Criminology

In Spring 2022, Dorothy and Ely worked with the SportsAbility Alliance to create a survey instrument that measured the accessibility of Florida beaches.

Title Card

Partner: Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP)

Project: Food Waste Prevention Educator

Students: Trinity Iwciki, Second Year Undergraduate in the Environment and Society & Anne-Lunie Rodney, Fourth Year Undergraduate in Business Management and Environmental Science and Policy

In Spring 2022, Trinity and Anne worked together to create nineteen TikTok videos for Florida Food Waste Prevention Week, which was held from April 4 to April 8, 2022.

Shaifali Title Slide

Partner: FSU Faculty Senate, Sustainability Standing Committee

Project: Defining the Student Role in the Sustainability Standing Committee of the FSU Faculty Senate

Student: Shaifali Prajapati, First Year Graduate Student in Geography

In Spring 2022, Shaifali worked with the FSU Faculty Senate to conduct research on the appropriate role of a student representative on the Sustainability Standing Committee.

Students present their work in class

Sixteen undergraduate students in the Spring 2022 ADV 4800 Advertising Campaigns course developed two unique branding strategies for ExpeditionTLH, a nonprofit that provides an online space and resources for people to learn about nature and their environment in and around Tallahassee.

Lauren Intro Slide

Partner: Florida Springs Institute

Project: Citizen Science Data Collection and Advocacy

Student: Lauren Thornberg, First Year Graduate Student in Urban and Regional Planning

In Spring 2022, Lauren worked with the Florida Springs Institute (FSI) to develop an ArcGIS Story Map educating the public about Wakulla Springs and the citizen science initiatives occurring at the Wakulla Springs system.

Gabby and Juan Opening Slide

Partner: Sustainable Campus

Project: Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Analysis of FSU Research and Teaching

Students: Juan Arguelles Ortiz, First Year Graduate Student in Public Health, and Gabriella Benacquisto, First Year Graduate Student in Urban and Regional Affairs

In Spring 2022, Juan and Gabby worked with Sustainable Campus to categorize FSU sustainability researchers and courses by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Volpe White Cover

Four graduate students in the Spring 2022 EDH 5078: Outcomes Assessment in Higher Education I: Study Design course created measurement instruments for Sustainable Campus’ Engage 100 course.

Dr. Jillian Volpe White, Program Director of Strategic Planning & Assessment, paired a group of students with Sustainable Campus to gain real-world experience in assessing student learning outcomes.

Zach Spring Slide 1

Partner: Leon County Office of Sustainability and Resource Stewardship

Project: Sustainable Business Recognition Program Implementation Specialist

Student: Zachary Wigodner, Third Year Undergraduate in Commercial Entrepreneurship


Lauren Intro Slide
Author: Laurelin Haas

Partner: FSU Planning & Space Management

Project: Visualizing Green and Open Spaces 

Student: Lauren Mayou, Fourth Year Undergraduate in Environmental Engineering

In Fall 2021, Lauren worked with FSU Planning & Space Management to georeference AutoCAD data in ArcGIS and conduct an analysis of campus irrigation. Lauren joined the Fellows program to expand upon her experience with flow bed mapping.