Recycling at FSU can be easy. You just gotta know these five things, and let other people know these five things too. When FSU recycles, our campus community and the environment benefit. When we recycle, we reduce the amount of waste we send to the landfill. We conserve natural resources, prevent pollution, save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global climate change, and help sustain the environment for future Noles!

Hydration Station

Last summer, we posted a photo of a hydration station located at the FSU College of Law on our FSU Sustainable Campus Facebook page. It would have just been a normal day, a normal Facebook post, but we got a comment that sent us on a journey to FSU’s law school where a certain Torts professor teaches.


At FSU, hospitality students are gaining hands on experience in sustainable restaurant management through the Ashby Stiff Little Dinner Series. Each semester, students carry on the 60-year tradition of creating a dining experience from beginning to end.

Fine Arts Museum Staff/Green Office

The Museum always strives to be more efficient and incorporate sustainable business practices, when possible, allowing us to focus our resources where they matter most. Which, in addition to, reducing our global footprint, also provides cost savings.

Graphic Image 5 Ways to Bike Smart with Helmet Light and Lock Drawings

Over the next few months, Florida State University’s campus will be filled with students walking, biking, skateboarding, and sometimes even roller skating to class. These sustainable transportation methods can get you where you need to go and fast, especially if you are using a bike. So, if you find yourself biking to and from campus on the daily (or biking anywhere else for that matter), these safety tips are worth the read!

Man in Robot Suit

While Florida State University is well-known for its football team and academic research, few people know that we have our very own garnet and gold Iron Man. His name...Lucas von Hollen.

Garden bed and sustainability hub

Have you always wanted your own organic garden, but thought living on campus or in a city would limit you? Fear not! The FSU Seminole Organic Garden is here to help!