Le Sang Noir

By: Naira Diptee, Sustainable Campus Graphic Designer and Double Major in Studio Art & Theatre with a minor in Art History

sustainable holiday gift

By: Malyce Collins

This is the first part of our series on reducing holiday waste. This post focuses on gifting!

Sustainable Campus recommended YouTube channels


At Sustainable Campus, our mission is to promote a culture of sustainable living at FSU. To achieve that mission, we share resources to help you live your best sustainable life. Recently, the Sustainable Campus team got together to compile a list of our favorite YouTube Channels, books, podcasts, blogs, and documentaries about sustainable topics. We hope our "staff picks" will inspire you to start your sustainable journey or learn more about topics that interest you. 

holiday bike


By Malyce Collins

This is the last part of our series on reducing holiday waste. This post focuses on traveling and shopping. Also check out P. 1, Pt. 2, and Pt. 3. 

Sustainable Campus recommended blogs

Here at Sustainable Campus, we love to share our sustainability knowledge with the Florida State University community. Our office is often about resources that others can use to learn more about ways to take action to help the planet. With the ease of access and quick readability blogs provide, we’ve scoured the internet for some of our favorites on sustainability topics. So, if you’re looking to expand your understanding of sustainability and find some new favorite blogs, you’ve come to the right place. 


new year 2020 fireworks

By: Emma Masters

A Google search for “Green New Years Resolution” yields over 47,000,000 results, reflecting the rising trend toward living sustainably and intentionally. Whether your favorite vsco cousin has been begging you to ditch plastic straws or you’ve been curious about the #trashtag posts you’ve seen on your social media feeds, the appeal to transition into green living for 2020 is quite convincing. 

Fashion & Sustainability

Florida State University art student and graphic designer for Sustainable Campus, Naira Diptee, recently created a zine on the topic of fashion and sustainability. Repurposing found fashion magazines into her work, she subverts the power of advertising in the fashion industry, calling the reader’s attention to the concepts of “fast-fashion” and the capitalistic ideology that supports it. Her use of these found objects also allows her work to have an aesthetic appeal to give those who may not normally choose to learn about sustainability a reason to pick up the zine.

winter break reminders

Whether you're traveling or staying local for the winter holiday, here are a few reminders to consider:


Recycling at FSU can be easy. You just gotta know these five things, and let other people know these five things too. When FSU recycles, our campus community and the environment benefit. When we recycle, we reduce the amount of waste we send to the landfill. We conserve natural resources, prevent pollution, save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global climate change, and help sustain the environment for future Noles!

Landis Hall

There’s no shortage of checklists, sponsored videos, and ads out there all about “college essentials.” Although some may make some good suggestions, at the end of the day, there are a lot of things on these lists that you just don't need. Our mission is to save your money, time, and the planet by dispelling some of the common myths about what you need to bring to FSU with you.