Strategic Plan


FSU's Strategic Plan, Goal VI aims to invest strategically in our institution and reputation. We hope to be known as a university that makes a difference in the lives of our students and in the quality of life of our society. In order to do this, FSU will incorporate sustainable living practices into all FSU activities:



We will incorporate practices that reduce our overall footprint and build a University-wide culture of environmental care. We will actively pursue:

  • Climate action by focusing on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and energy use through increased conservation and efficiency efforts, increased sustainable transportation options that support a bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly campus, and optimizing the use of green building technologies.
  • Waste minimization by increasing our overall waste diversion rate through enhanced 3R efforts (reduce, reuse, and recycling), responsible purchasing practices, and responsible waste disposal strategies.
  • Resource stewardship by expanding conservation activities across our campuses while supporting environmentally-friendly land, habitat, and watershed management practices.
  • Education for sustainability by increasing communication efforts and related curricular, co-curricular, service, and research initiatives.

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