Explore tools, guides, and resources that empower sustainable change

Creating a more sustainable campus isn’t easy - so Sustainable Campus has created tools, guides, and resources to empower students, staff, and faculty to create change. Whether your goal is to integrate sustainability into your academics, your professional life, or your personal life, Sustainable Campus has a helpful resource for you!




A free, online bicycle safety course 

Earth Day 50 A virtual FSU Libraries exhibit that focuses on the history of environmental advocacy at FSU
Environmental Justice A collection of environmental justice publications, including recommended readings and online resources

Green Event Guide

A guide that helps event planners consider recycling, environmentally friendly supplies, and sustainable transportation

Green Living Guide A comprehensive guide that will help readers live a more sustainable life at FSU and beyond
Green Purchasing Guide A checklist that FSU employees can use during purchasing decisions to help guide more sustainable choices

Surplus Office Supply Reuse Room

A space in the Surplus Warehouse that facilitates the reuse of office supplies 

Sustainability Course & Degree Guide

A listing of the sustainability-focused and sustainability-inclusive courses at FSU

Sustainability Guest Speakers

A form to request a sustainability guest speaker from Sustainable Campus or the campus/Tallahassee community 

Sustainability Hub

A covered outdoor venue in the Seminole Organic Garden that can be utilized for education and/or events

Sustainability Researchers & Centers

A listing of researchers who have completed at least one project or publication related to sustainability in the past three years and sustainability-related research centers at FSU


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