Defining Sustainability

What is sustainability?

Sustainability is the idea that we should use the resources we have now in a way that doesn’t compromise the needs of the future or cultivating a lifestyle that can be maintained for generations into the future (Bruntland Commission, 1987). Generally, sustainability is looked at through three interconnected pillars: social sustainability, economic sustainability, and environmental sustainability. FSU strives to support all three pillars to create a truly sustainable environment for its current and future community.

Why should I care?

Sustainability affects everyone. Achieving a sustainable society benefits us all, from a healthy planet to equitable social and economic systems. To make this a reality, we need everyone’s help. Every day, it is becoming more important to be informed on the state of the world and what can be done to protect ourselves and everyone that comes after. 

Does my individual action really make a difference?

Yes! Though it is true that total sustainability must be a systematic effort, these large-scale changes start with the individual. Everything from what we talk about on social media to where we spend our money can lead to larger change. One person making a change can lead to a community, to a county, to a state, and up and up. Millions of small actions have meaning and make a difference, even if it might not feel immediately visible. Our Resources page has information on various ways to get involved.




About Sustainable Campus

What is Sustainable Campus? 

Sustainable Campus is FSU’s Office of Sustainability. Located within the Facilities department, we work hand-in-hand with other FSU offices to help keep campus green, clean, and beautiful. Within our office, we have several programs that are open for students to join. We also host sustainability-related events throughout the year to help students and staff learn more about what they can do to support a sustainable future and create a fun and welcoming atmosphere for everyone to get involved.

Are you the recycling club?

No, Sustainability is so much more than recycling, and  Sustainable Campus strives to encompass everything that makes up sustainability. Working alongside FSU and the community on education and outreach, we work to cement FSU as a leader in environmental, economic, and social action. Our campus efforts stretch much further than recycling–from conservation, to climate action, to social change, and much more!

Does the garden donate to the food pantry?

Yes! Produce grown at the garden that is not consumed by the renter does get donated to the food pantry. This ensures that there is minimal food waste and fresh produce for our community!


Get Involved

How can students get involved?

There are numerous ways for students to get involved with Sustainable Campus! Students can volunteer with one of our programs such as Eco-Reps, the Food Recovery Network, the Seminole Organic Garden, and more. Sustainable Campus also hires students in part-time coordinator positions annually. Keep an eye on our Jobs page and social media for when positions and applications open! For academic involvement, students can apply to the Sustainability Fellows program, which partners students with campus or community partners and gives them real-world hands-on experience in helping to solve local sustainability problems. Students can also earn sustainability badges showing off their sustainability engagement through the Sustainability Pathways program.

What's the best way to find out about events?

The two best ways to keep up to date with Sustainable Campus events are by following us on Instagram at @fsusustainable or subscribing to our weekly newsletter here

Can I get service hours for volunteering with you?

Yes, volunteering with any of our programs can earn ServScript hours! FSU Sustainable Campus is a registered third-party service organization with the Center for Leadership and Service. 

Why may I want service hours?

Service hours are part of many FSU programs. Participating in service can also help build professional and academic connections and help boost your resume. 

How do I get a plot at the garden?

Students interested in renting a plot at the garden are able to do so by filling out the garden bed rental application, which can be found here. Applications will open at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters when new plots become available. Ensure that you fill out the form promptly, as spots can fill up fast. Once you have completed the form, our Garden Coordinator will reach out to you to schedule a brief garden orientation, which will consist of selecting your plot and getting familiarized with the garden. It is of the utmost importance that you complete this orientation as soon as possible, as you will only be allowed to begin gardening once orientation has been completed and you have paid the garden bed rental fee.



Does FSU have transportation for students and faculty?

Yes. FSU has its own fleet of electric buses that travel to, from, and around campus. These buses are free for anyone with an FSU ID to and individuals can use the TransLoc app to keep an eye on routes, stops, and bus times. City of Tallahassee STAR Metro buses allow  free use of STAR Metro buses with a valid FSU ID. These buses can take students around the Tallahassee area. Students can use the TransLoc Rider app or the Moovit app to keep an eye on bus routes, stops, and arrival times.