FSU Sustainability Hub

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Host your next event or lecture at the sustainability hub

The FSU Sustainability Hub, located at the FSU Seminole Organic Garden, is an outdoor learning center dedicated to educating students about renewable energy sources and promoting sustainable lifestyles. It also acts as a location for campus organizations and departments to host events across campus.

Interested in using the space for your next social gathering, event, or meeting? Check out the Sustainability Hub Event Agreement.

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Consider Sustainability in Event Planning

Implementing green practices at Florida State University’s many on-campus events can help reduce waste, conserve resources, and set an example by engaging students, faculty and staff in sustainability efforts.

You can make your event more sustainable by utilizing the Green Event Guide. The guide prioritizes minimizing waste and packaging, reusing or purchasing environmentally friendly supplies, encouraging sustainable transportation and sharing your information and successes. Greening your event makes it more unique, memorable, efficient, and ecologically-friendly.

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