Mission, Vision, & Work

About Us:
Florida State University's Sustainable Campus works to educate and engage students, staff, and faculty to set an example of campus sustainability and position FSU as a leader of environmental and social action.

Our educational efforts, community outreach, and programs work alongside the greater campus operations to provide everyone with the ability to develop, apply, and practice sustainability. Our efforts seek to conserve resources at FSU and strengthen the positive impact our university leaves upon the local and global environment for generations to come. 

To promote a culture of sustainable living in an open forum and to promote the practice of resource conservation at FSU and within the campus community that by so doing promotes the university's positive impact upon the local and global environment.

The FSU Sustainable Campus program seeks to have our campus serve as a living model of sustainability, providing learning experiences that students, faculty and staff may develop, apply and practice at FSU and in their extended communities.

What We Do:
In our office, we strive to align our goals and projects with the FSU Strategic Plan. We aim to incorporate sustainable living practices into all FSU activities, collaborating with campus partners to build a University-wide culture of environmental care. In aligning with FSU's sustainability commitments, we are dedicated to:

  • Climate Action by reducing the campus footprint through conservation, sustainable transportation, greenhouse gas reduction, and green building;

  • Waste Minimization by enhancing reduction, reuse, and recycling efforts;

  • Resource Stewardship by expanding conservation on campus, through environmentally friendly land, habitat, and watershed management practices;

  • Education for sustainability by increasing outreach to the campus community through curricular and co-curricular activities

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