Green Office Certification

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The Green Office Certification Program assists faculty and staff in assessing their current office practices and helps them make simple steps toward sustainability. Interested offices set goals and implement green practices in areas including; energy conservation, waste reduction, recycling, transportation, IT, and purchasing. By completing sustainability objectives provided on the certification checklist, offices will contribute to the mission of FSU Sustainable Campus, promoting resource conservation while benefiting via cost savings.

"Our future and the future of our children depend on employing sustainable practices in all areas of life, both at home and on the job..." The FSU Museum of Fine Arts Office, Green Office Gold-certified.

Become a Green Office

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Green Office. We are currently updating our criteria for Green Office certification. Please reach out to for updates.


Office Certification Achieved
FSU Museum of Fine Arts Gold
Dean of Students Gold
Oglesby Union Operations Gold
University Communications Garnet
Ringling Museum of Art Garnet
University Health Services Garnet
Dirac Science Library Garnet
Oglesby Union Administration Garnet
Askew Student Life Center Garnet
Center for Leadership and Social Change Garnet
Center for Global Engagement Green
Scholars Commons in Strozier Library Green


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