Seminole Organic Garden

Learn the ins and outs of gardening! Growing your own food using sustainable methods lowers your carbon footprint significantly, and you get to eat healthy, organic produce.

What we're all about.

We want to prove that agriculture can be sustainable. We use only organic seeds and fertilizers and maintain our food forest which contains a number of native plants that all aid in the preservation of local biodiversity.

How you can help!

Students, faculty and staff can get involved by coming to our bi-weekly workdays!

When: Summer 2021 Garden Work Hours will be held on Tuesdays from 9:00 - 11:00am and Thursdays from 9:00 - 11:00am. Check out our Seminole Organic Garden Facebook page for updates on garden work days. Please note: for Summer 2021, social distance of at least six feet should be maintained and masks are encouraged to be worn in the garden.
Where: Located between the FSU Circus and Band Practice Field
Why: At the garden, students and organizations can learn how to grow their own food and find a sanctuary away from their busy academic lives. Learning to grow fresh, organic produce is a skill set students, faculty, and staff can carry with them into the future.

What to Expect: Stop by during scheduled garden work hours to see Garden Coordinator, Emma Masters. She will set you up with seeds, gardening materials and show you the ropes. Missed Emma during garden work hours? Reach out to her via email at Bringing your own gardening equipment is not necessary, but please bring a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated!

Rent a garden bed

Garden beds are available for the FSU community!

Groups/departments/offices/organizations to rent for $30 a semester. Individuals can rent a bed for $15 a semester. If an individual rents a bed they will be assigned one half of a bed and will share the other half of the bed with another individual. Experience growing your own food, plant your favorite seasonal veggies and herbs, and work together with your classmates and colleagues. If you are renting a bed, you must fill out our Qualtrics form.

Code of Conduct


  • Use organic seeds, soil, and plants
  • Be courteous to other gardener​​​​
  • Ensure that your bed is neat and well maintained
  • Stay up to date on garden events and happenings at the garden​​​​​​
  • Maintain communication with the Garden Manager


  • Use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides
  • Be afraid to ask questions and communicate with other gardeners and the garden manager
  • Litter, or leave debris on the ground
  • Hijack or disrupt other users beds
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