Student Statement of Sustainability Support

The Student Statement of Sustainability Support is a document written in collaboration between Presidential Scholars and FSU Sustainable Campus with the goal of addressing the importance of sustainability on campus and making the FSU Administration more aware of student concern for sustainability. Over the course of several months, Presidential Scholars researched and observed campus sustainability initiatives and surveyed students across campus to better understand the state of sustainability at FSU and the level of concern for and interest in sustainability that students have. 


The Statement outlines the existing sustainability initiatives on campus and observations that students have made in regard to sustainability at FSU. These observations go hand-in-hand with the 9 elements of sustainability described in Mitchell Thomashow’s "The Nine Elements of a Sustainable Campus." Those nine elements include energy, food, materials, governance, investment, wellness, curriculum, interpretation, and aesthetics. Each aspect is defined and delved into in the context of sustainability on FSU's campus. 


Finally, and most importantly, the statement makes a request to the FSU Administration to develop a Sustainability and Climate Action Plan, as well as allocate resources to create and implement this plan. From a student perspective, there is a need to prioritize sustainability, both the issues and solutions involved with it. Beyond the words in this Sustainability Statement, students want to see and participate in action, starting here with your sign-on.  

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