Seminole Organic Garden

About: Learn how to grow your own food! The Garden is a shared space amongst organizations and individuals across campus, and it serves as a peaceful outlet for those who want to take a break from their schedule.

Why It Matters: The Seminole Organic Garden is a great place to lessen your stress while learning about the benefits of gardening. Growing your own food using sustainable methods lowers your carbon footprint significantly, and you get to eat healthy, organic produce! Gardening also promotes the circulation of oxygen and minimizes the circulation of carbon dioxide, both of which help to create a cleaner environment. Growing your own produce even helps noise pollution, a sneaky way for pollution to reach humans! These plants actually absorb and deflect soundwaves, making planting an all-around winner.

How to Get Involved: Students and staff can get involved by coming to our Garden Work Hours. Please fill out this interest form. Once you fill it out, please allow Sustainable Campus time to review it and reach out.

Want to rent a garden bed? Individuals, groups, or organizations can rent! To rent a garden bed, visit

Social Media: Find updates for the Seminole Organic Garden on the FSU Sustainable Campus Facebook page!

Code of Conduct


  • Use organic seeds, soil, and plants
  • Be courteous to other gardener​​​​
  • Ensure that your bed is neat and well maintained
  • Stay up to date on garden events and happenings at the garden​​​​​​
  • Maintain communication with the Garden Manager


  • Use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides
  • Be afraid to ask questions and communicate with other gardeners and the garden manager
  • Litter, or leave debris on the ground
  • Hijack or disrupt other users beds
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