reCycle Bike

About: Are you looking for a fun, sustainable way to get around campus? reCycle Bike is a bicycle rental program offering affordable transportation and educational events for students. The complete rental package includes a refurbished bicycle, lock, helmet, basic repairs, and safety training.   

Price Information: $64.50 for Fall or Spring (including tax) 

Why It Matters: Using a bike for campus transportation is a convenient way to get around and take in campus scenery. If you have ever felt worried about finding parking before class, which is a common issue for students, using a bike allows you to avoid that wasted time and park right in front of your building! Using a bike also saves the energy used by a car or other vehicle, and this pollution-free mode of transportation is coming from a bike that has been previously loved. This makes the reCycle Bike program a sustainable way to get maximum use out of bikes and reap the benefits that come with it! 

How to Get Involved: Bike Rental is open for Spring 2024, and reservations can be submit here.

Social Media: Find updates for reCycle Bike on the FSU Sustainable Campus Instagram page! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if my bike is stolen?

  1. Submit a police report to either FSUPD or Tallahassee PD and notify FSU reCycle Bike within 24 hours of the theft.
  2. Provide us with a copy of the police report within 5 business days.
  3. We will examine the report and determine if you secured the bike properly and if you will be held liable for the loss. 
  4. After determining if you are liable, we will notify you of the findings and inform you as to whether you will be held financially responsible for the loss of the bike. 
  5. If you are liable for the bike, we will place a charge on your student business account for the bike cost ($250).
  6. It is not our policy to supply a renter with a new bike after theirs is stolen. 

What do I do if my bike is damaged?

  1. As soon as the bike is damaged, the renter should complete the reCycle Bike Service Request form.
  2. If reCycle Bike determines the bike to be fixable, the renter may be charged for the cost of repair if the damage was determined to be caused directly by the renter.
  3. If the bike has been damaged beyond its value, the renter will be held liable for the cost of the replacement bike ($250). 
  4. It is not Sustainable Campus' policy to supply a renter with a new bike after theirs is damaged beyond repair, but if the bike is fixable (as most are) the renter will be able to pick it up after reCycle Bike completes the repair.

How common are these problems?

Luckily, these problems aren’t common at all! The vast majority of reCycle Bike Renters never have any issue with their bike. Almost all thefts can be prevented by properly locking your bike when not in use. Thieves are generally only looking for the easiest target! Accidents that lead to damage do happen but can be prevented by practicing safe cycling techniques and following the rules of the road.

I locked my bike properly and it still got stolen! Will I have to pay for a replacement?

Worry not! If you follow the instructions regarding bike theft as listed above and provide us with a police report that clearly shows you followed correct procedure and took all necessary steps to prevent the theft of your rented bike you will not be charged for its replacement. This means that if the bike was locked through the frame with the lock provided by reCycle Bike to a designated bike rack (not a pole or railing) and the bike was still stolen you will likely not be charged for its replacement, assuming you properly notify the police and FSU reCycle Bike, as detailed above.

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