reCycle Bike Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

1. Authorized Riders/Prohibition of Passengers: Only the renter is allowed to operate the bike and cannot remove the seat. No one can ride on the handlebars or on the rear fender.

2. Return: The bike should be in the same condition as it was rented except for typical minor wear and tear. The bike will be returned on time at the designated location as communicated by the coordinator. If returned late or at the wrong location, renter will be charged a $20 fee.   

3. Repossession: reCycle may repossess the bike without reimbursement if it is used in violation of the law, is abandoned or is not returned when it is due. An email will be sent to the renter’s FSU email address if the bike will be repossessed.

4. Prohibited Use: Ride on concrete or hard pavement only. DO NOT use the bike for: racing, riding on dirt or water, off of a designated bike trail or to transport contraband.

5. Theft or Loss: If the bike is stolen, the renter must file a police report and notify the reCycle Bike Program within 24 hours. If the bike was stolen or lost due to negligence, the renter agrees to pay the $250 fee to replace the bike and a hold will be placed on renter’s FSU account until payment is received.

6. Damage and Repairs: If any damages or losses are made to the bike, the renter agrees to pay for the repairs and replacements. University Cycles (668 W Gaines St, Tallahassee, FL 32304) is the ONLY authorized repair shop and will determine the cost of any repairs.

7. Payment: A hold will be placed on renter’s FSU student account if renter does not pay for damages or lost/stolen property.

8. Appeal: Renters must e-mail a summary of their appeal to the reCycle program ( if they would like to challenge any charges made to their FSU account. A meeting will be scheduled for the appeal. The appeal request will be forfeited if the student fails to appear at the meeting.

9. General Provisions: Renter will be charged the full $250 price of the bicycle if it is stolen, lost or damaged. The renter will be assessed a $20 fee for losing or damaging a lock and/or key and a $20 fee for removal of locks located outside of FSU’s campus. Renter agrees to pay for any and all damages and repairs outside of regularly scheduled maintenance. University Cycles is the only bicycle shop that may be used for reCycle Bike repairs or damage.