No matter what your interests or skills, you can find your niche and engage with sustainability initiatives here at FSU! 

With multiple student programs, annual events, and a variety of initiatives, Sustainable Campus engages students by offering hands-on experiences in and out of the classroom. These experiences allow students to deepen their understanding of sustainability and help the FSU community create a more sustainable campus culture. 


Find opportunities to engage with sustainability in the classroom

Sustainability challenges are big and complex, and they can't be solved using traditional or simple solutions. At FSU, students can tackle these challenges from environmental, economic, and social perspectives and be part of the solution in dealing with issues like global warming and climate justice. 

FSU offers courses and degree programs that prepare students to solve social problems through the lens of environmental justice and sustainability. By signing up for a sustainability-related course or taking part in a sustainability Fellowship, students develop skills that will help them face local, national, and global sustainability challenges in their future career

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Engage 100: A Student’s Guide to Sustainability »

Sustainability Fellowships »

Sustainability Courses & Degree Programs »

Sustainability Pathways »


Gain hands-on experience in sustainability leadership and service

Taking part in Sustainable Campus programs is a great way for students to get involved in the campus community and get hands-on sustainability experience. From recycling to food waste, transportation, and organic gardening, Sustainable Campus offers programming for everyone!

Students are welcome to experience sustainability in action - no experience required! Volunteering with our programs and taking a leadership role in sustainability look fantastic on a resume, and participation helps students become more informed and engaged young professionals.

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Eco Reps »

Food Recovery Network »

Garnet & Gold Goes Green »

ReCycle Bike »

Seminole Organic Garden »


Be an advocate for sustainable change 

Sustainable Campus initiatives are events and campaigns that advance sustainability at FSU. Students are the driving force behind many of these efforts, and it’s because of their passion that we have long standing traditions like Earth Week and Chuck it for Charity today!

Students are invited to take part in Sustainable Campus events and help advance our campaigns. Students can raise awareness for sustainability by sharing opportunities with their friends and campus community!

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Chuck it for Charity »

FSU Earth Month »

Sustainable Transportation »

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