Garnet & Gold Goes Green (G4)

Student volunteers uphold the garnet and gold on FSU game days by providing fans with the opportunity to recycle their cups, bottles and cans with the intention of keeping Doak Campbell Stadium beautiful and promoting eco-conscious behavior. 

Come out and volunteer with us!

  • Approximately 30 to 50 Garnet & Gold Goes Green (G4) volunteers are needed for each home game.
  • All G4 hours count as service hours on your ServScript form! You also get a free gold tank and free food! 
  • Participants are asked to arrive at the stadium 2.5 hours before the start of the game and stay for a little while after kickoff (we collect so much more material during that time).

Sign up today! Email with your name and contact information.

The Impact of G4
Each season, the Garnet & Gold Goes Green recycling program continues to increase recycling efforts in and around the stadium. In the past 12 seasons, G4 has collected over 200 TONS of recyclable material!

Once football season concludes, volunteers can also look out for opportunities to help recycle at big events during the Spring semester.

Ambassadors Program

The G4 Ambassadors program will be an unpaid, year-long commitment for which FSU students may apply and which shall be under the supervision of the G4 Coordinator. The purpose of this program will be to: provide the G4 Coordinator with support in various areas, for which the responsibilities are listed below; find potential future G4, or other program, Coordinators; provide committed FSU volunteers with an opportunity to become more involved with G4; and offer the opportunity for FSU students to develop their professional and leadership skills and become better stewards of the environment.

Prospective ambassadors must submit an application

After careful review of the application by the G4 Coordinator, the applicant will receive an email requesting to schedule a brief phone call should the coordinator find the applicant to be a good potential candidate for the position. Upon being accepted as a G4 Ambassador, each ambassador will be trained in sustainability, recycling, and the workings of G4.

No applicant is expected to have any prior knowledge of G4, recycling, or sustainability, nor are they expected to bring any professional or leadership skills to the position.The G4 Ambassador program stands as an opportunity for students to learn and develop such skills and knowledge. As such, no student should be denied the position based on any dearth of knowledge in G4, recycling, or sustainability. However, students who possess the qualities preferred for the program as well as professional or leadership skills will have a higher chance of being accepted than those without such skills.

The following overview is subject to change as the program grows and develops but, until then, shall serve as the primary reference for details regarding G4 Ambassadors

  • Have 2-4 ambassadors per year

  • Year-long commitment

  • Unpaid

    • Ambassadors can receive ServScript hours

      • May receive 30 minutes more per event than others (behind-the-scenes activities, such as emails)

  • Responsibilities

    • Each ambassador must go to at least 4 games (football & basketball) throughout the year

    • Each ambassador must go to at least 1 non-game event (ex. Parents Weekend, Chuck It for Charity)

    • At least 1 ambassador must go to each game

      • Help set up prior to event and break down after event

      • Help with acquiring volunteer meals

      • Stay at our designated tent and manage tent activities while Coordinator conducts surveys

        • ***If more than 1 Ambassador shows up for a game, then the Ambassadors can rotate out

      • Assist with sorting and delivering styrofoam and plastic bags to Publix

        • Only if this addition is made to the G4 regimen

      • Help Coordinator with other duties as assigned

    • Promote G4 and Sustainable Campus and recruit volunteers

    • Chalk around campus prior to each game/event

    • Help set up for each event

  • Becoming an Ambassador

    • Must be a current FSU student

    • Submit application

    • Need to show commitment to G4 and sustainability

    • Need to be willing to learn

    • Upon reviewing the application, the G4 Coordinator will email the applicant to schedule a brief phone call with them, if the coordinator thinks the applicant is a good potential candidate for the position

      • After reviewing all of the applications and conducting all scheduled phone calls, the coordinator will email each applicant to inform them of their acceptance/denial to the position

  • Benefits of being an Ambassador

    • Specialized training in recycling, sustainability, and the workings of G4

    • Can earn ServScript hours, with an additional half hour, for each event

    • Gain professional working experience without the pressure of typical job responsibilities

    • Learn valuable leadership skills

    • Learn how to be more sustainable in your current lifestyle

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