Food Recovery Network (FRN)

Ever wonder where surplus food on campus goes at the end of the day? The Food Recovery Network at FSU recovers it and donates it to individuals experiencing food insecurity! 


What we're all about

Our mission is to eliminate food waste on campus and in the Tallahassee community.

Since 2014 (when our FSU chapter was formed), we have recovered over 40,000 pounds of consumable excess food from various locations around campus. This food goes directly to our partner agencies, who then distribute it to individuals and families experiencing food insecurity. Currently, we are partnered with The Kearney Center, CARE Tallahassee, Westgate Community and HOPE Community.


How you can help!

To supplement our on-campus recoveries, we also perform large-scale recoveries from football and baseball events and during the football pre-season, we work closely with FSU Sports Nutrition to ensure that a waste-free culture is fostered amongst the athletics department. We act as food waste "ghostbusters" and are on call if a community partner is anticipating excess perishables at one of their events.

FRN volunteers will receive one hour of Servscript documentation per recovery performed. If you're interested in getting involved, contact Diana Conrad, the Food Recovery Network Coordinator ( or attend one of our bi-monthly meetings!

Meeting Times
We will meet at the Figg Dining Hall every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM to recover food. For more information, click here:

Request a recovery

Food Recovery Request Form 

Are you a student, staff or faculty organization thinking about hosting a waste-free event? The Food Recovery Network at FSU wants to help! We recover surplus food from catered events for donation to different partner agencies within the Tallahassee area. We provide the supplies and the labor and event recoveries never exceed an hour. FRN will show up at the end of your event to package, load and transport your leftover food for donation. This is beneficial not only for the individuals on the receiving end of the donation, but also provides the host with the relief of not having to dispose of valuable food. 

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