Meet the Team



Elizabeth Swiman


Brings people and ideas together so that sustainability spreads across campus. Focuses on education and raising awareness to (mostly) students about how sustainability fits into this moment in their lives by developing their skills and habits so that "green living" becomes second nature.


Jamie Valentine

Program Coordinator

Avid outdoor enthusiast, backpacker, and novice surfer. Enjoys gardening, reading in a hammock, and bike commuting. Passionate about building community to create collaborative solutions to complex sustainability issues.


Melissa Angel

Communications Coordinator 

Reads the news every morning and every night. Digital communications nerd. Fixates on what makes digital campaigns work and what doesn't. Hikes around, drinks black coffee, listens to podcasts and NPR, cycles to work sometimes.


Christiana Akins

Graduate Assistant 

A Master's student in Higher Education. Loves running, hiking, and dogs. You can find her saddled up with a good book in Tallahassee's local cafés.



Angel Arrieta

Social Media Coordinator 

When not ranting about politics on Twitter, then probably at yoga. Loves to take photos (including selfies), but most importantly wants to change the world.


Haley Greco

Graphic Designer 

Makes art, takes photos, and is fueled by coffee. If she isn't outdoors, she's probably in bed reading a book.


Alvaro Gabaldon

Writer/Special Projects 

Likes to collaborate with cool people to make cool things including photography, social media content, and marketing campaigns that make people want to recycle.

Student Program Coordinators


Jacob Everette

Program Support

”The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” -Robert Swan

Loves spending time by the water and sailing. Constantly tries to find ways to connect everything to sustainability.


Lizzie Grater


Loves discovering new food, music, and knowledge. Strong interest in sustainability and Environmental Science. Passion for cooking, volleyball, and Netflix shows!


Michelle Lisi

Garnet & Gold Goes Green

Loves big trees and peanut butter, spends way too much time doing homework, ambitiously dreams of different ways to help the environment as an environmental engineer one day.


Grey Burford

reCycle Bike

Talks, thinks, rides bicycles all day, every day. Adores fresh cups of black coffee and learning about diversity and inclusion. Constantly planning for the next step and trying to live in the moment. Thinks too much about what to write for website blurbs. 


Gabby Maynard

Food Recovery Network


Louie Castillo

Seminole Organic Garden

Splits time between the woods and water, has an obsession with Florida ecology and Tom Morello.


Savannah Rodrigue

Take Back the Tap
Assistant Director, Office of Student Sustainability

Environmental studies and political science major. Passionate about environmental protection, reusable water bottles, health and fitness, and green tea soy lattes. 

Affiliated Programs / Interns


Daniel Pertwee

Director, Office of Student Sustainability 


David Flynn

Treasurer, Office of Student Sustainability


Taylor Welniak

Media Chair, Office of Student Sustainability
Special Projects Chair, Eco-Reps

Loves cats, books (The Great Gatsby!), shamelessly watches too many educational videos SciShow (YouTube channel), and maintains a small, potted garden on her apartment balcony.


Emily Drobes

Sustainability Salon

Loves animals, drinks coffee, travels the world, and talks to people in Spanish.