energy.pngWhile conservation and efficiency are a tenet of all campus operations, Utilities and Engineering Services at Florida State University mainly serves Educational and General (E&G) units, but will work with partners to develop energy plans in tandem with operational priorities and independent of other business decisions. As a part of the Facilities department, both units work with respect to alternating university budgets and strive to save money.


  • Continued focus on conservation and efficiency strategies, while not relying on unproven or costly technologies to mitigate our usage.
  • Continue to drive down thousands of BTU per square foot (kBtu/sq.ft.).
  • Increase building and lighting systems efficiency by simplifying control systems and scheduling.
  • Expand metrics to include energy usage per person/FTE.
  • Assess projects for return on investment (ROI) to maximize university budgets.
  • Test products and services in a real-world setting to better understand associated impacts and savings before deploying campus wide.
  • Balance between occupant comfort and maximizing operational efficiency.

…all of which contribute to the reduction and/or slowed down rate of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions into the atmosphere.