VIDEO: Community Waste Station Roll Out on Campus

Community Waste Stations

Published 11:30 a.m. ET Jul. 6, 2020

Florida State University is taking aggressive steps to prevent the spread of disease, such as COVID-19, by minimizing individual interactions while also enhancing its existing cleaning and disinfection practices. This cannot be achieved without the help and understanding of the entire campus community.

To meet campus needs for increased sanitation of common spaces, custodial staff will no longer routinely enter personal office spaces to clean or collect trash from desk-side bins.

Beginning in July, FSU Facilities will be installing community waste stations across campus and individuals will be responsible for disposing their personal trash at these stations. Each community waste station will consist of a set of labeled bins to help separate trash items into their respective waste streams.

Community waste stations will allow for:

  • Reduced contact between individuals – custodial workers will not enter your office.
  • Increased time to be spent disinfecting shared spaces.
  • Increased recycling rates – a single decision point makes it much easier for individuals to make the best choice for waste disposal.
  • Decreased number of plastic bags needed for the thousands of bins across campus, which results in less plastic waste and significant cost savings.

This program has been pilot tested in the new Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Science (EOAS) building and the Facilities’ suite of buildings with great success. Additionally, similar systems are employed across the country by our peer institutions.

This is an important change for campus operations and your support is appreciated.

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