Green Fund FAQs

How is the Green Fund funded?

The FSU Green Fund is supported by Sustainable Campus’ fundraising efforts and individual donations.  The total annual amount awarded to project proposals varies based on available funds.  

How much is given to each project?

Green Fund Project Grants: There is no minimum or maximum amount awarded to Green Fund Project Grants. Historically, awards have ranged from under $100 to $9,000. Project proposals over $5,000 require cost-sharing between the Green Fund and a supporting department or funding source. In-kind donations (such as labor, materials, transportation, services, etc.) are acceptable forms of cost-sharing and are reviewed on a project-to-project basis. 

Living Lab Grants: $500 is the maximum amount awarded to Living Lab Grants. 

Other resources related to funding on campus include: 

What types of costs are eligible?

The following table provides a list of eligible and ineligible costs. All purchases must be made in compliance with FSU procurement policies. Approved vendors should be prioritized.  

Eligible Costs

Ineligible Costs

  • Infrastructure (on campus ONLY)*
  • Supplies and equipment specific to the project
  • Transportation expenses (i.e. van rental or other group transit for field trips/site visits)
  • Other expenses such as data licensing, postage, copying, etc. directly related to the project 
  • Food
  • T-shirts
  • On-going expenses (including salaries, stipends, and assistantships)
  • Supplies or equipment readily available in departments
  • Products that are in development (i.e. Kickstarter campaigns)
  • Misc./Other items determined ineligible during application review 


*Projects that involve infrastructure or large equipment, such as refrigerators and solar charging umbrellas, must be located on-campus. The Green Fund cannot support the ongoing maintenance required for infrastructure projects located off-campus.

Are there preferred vendors for Green Funds projects?

No, but university procurement guidelines and procedures should always be followed. When requesting quotes for products, be clear and upfront that the initial contact is ONLY a request for information.  

What are the other purchasing requirements?

After receiving an award, departments are responsible for purchasing supplies upfront and submitting receipts to the SurveyMonkey grant management site, for reimbursement, upon project completion. The Green Fund will NOT reimburse students for items purchased directly. All purchases must be made through University departments/offices in compliance with FSU purchasing policies.  

Only items on the approved project budget request will be reimbursed. Any changes made to the budget after the initial approval must be submitted to the Sustainable Campus Director for re-approval before they are eligible for reimbursement.  

Departments that cannot purchase supplies and other materials upfront should note their financial limitations in their application. This is not an automatically disqualifying factor, and other methods of purchasing can be explored on a case-by-case basis. 

Who can apply?

Green Fund Project Grants: Current FSU students are eligible to apply for Project Grant funding. Student submissions must be supported by a faculty or staff project advisor who is able to make purchases and submit receipts for reimbursement. Students interested in submitting a Green Fund Project Grant application should check out our Student Green Fund FAQ.  

Living Lab Grants: Current FSU faculty members ONLY are eligible to apply for Living Lab Grants. Living Lab funding supports innovative sustainability-related projects within the scope of an individual course. Proposals should incorporate experiential learning and support the Campus as a Living Laboratory initiative. Faculty members interested in larger or multi-semester projects should apply through the Project Grant process.

Does the project have to be completed in a certain timeframe?

Green Fund projects do not have duration requirements. All projects are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and an appropriate and feasible timeline is agreed upon by all parties before the dispersal of funds. 

Who evaluates proposals?

Both Green Fund Project and Living Lab grants are reviewed by the Sustainable Campus staff and relevant campus partners. 

How are proposals evaluated?

Proposals are evaluated based on the following considerations: 

  • Contribution to FSU Sustainability Strategic Plan goals
  • Enhancement of the campus experience
  • Opportunity for experiential learning 
  • Long-term maintenance and oversight requirements 
  • Feasibility of implementation 
  • Cost-effectiveness of budget 

My proposal has been approved, but I need to make a change to the project. How do I communicate this to the Green Fund team?

Once your proposal has been approved, you will still be able to use the FluidReview site to request changes to your project and submit your final project report. Categories of changes include: 

  • Project extensions
  • Budget revisions
  • Changes in activities that affect scope
  • Changes in key project personnel

The Request a Change Form is listed under the Project Implementation tasks. After the form has been submitted, the Green Fund team will evaluate your requested change. 

What are the Green Fund reporting requirements?

Project and Living Lab Grant awardees are required to submit a final report and budget after the completion of the project. The final report covers:  

  • Direct participants & indirect beneficiaries 

  • Project narratives 

  • Project lead & participant testimonials 

  • Project media (photos, videos, etc.) 

  • Project publications (brochures, presentation, etc.) 

The report allows Sustainable Campus to learn about the impact of the project, as well as capture information and related media that can be used to promote the project. 

Do we have to incorporate the Green Fund logo into project materials?

Final project publications, reports, presentations, etc. should include the Green Fund logo, which will be provided electronically upon application acceptance. If logo incorporation is unfeasible, project materials should include language such as, “Project supported by the FSU Green Fund.” 

The SurveyMonkey Apply site is not working for me. How can I get technical support?

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