Here's Everything You Need To Know About FSU's Organic Garden

Basil spoon label in garden bed

Do you want to utilize your green thumb, but your living arrangement doesn't allow you the space? FSU's Seminole Organic Garden may be the perfect place to let your talents shine. 

FSU's organic garden project began a few years ago, but after FSU decided to extend Legacy Walk, the entire garden was torn during construction. Garden Manager Louie Castillo took the project under his wing, and a new garden (featuring twice as many garden beds, now totaling 22) became operational in the beginning of September of this year. In addition to the new garden plots, the pavilion was completely rebuilt, featuring solar panels that power the area.

The project operates under Sustainable Campus, an umbrella organization that oversees several projects, such as Garnet & Gold Goes Green, a game day recycling program, and the Food Recovery Network, an organization whose mission is to eliminate food waste by donating the surplus food on campus to local agencies that assist people who face food insecurity.

With the garden's focus on sustainability, renters and gardeners are encouraged to plant crops that promote the health of native bees and butterflies. Plant species must first be approved by Sustainable Campus, to ensure that they will promote the overall well being of the environment and pollinator populations. Everything is planted organically--that means all plants are from organic seeds and no artificial pesticides or herbicides are used on anything in the garden. Sustainable Campus even has compost donated via a local provider.

To get involved with Seminole Organic Garden, come out to the bi-weekly garden work days on Mondays and Thursdays from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. or contact Louie Castillo. If you are interested or part of an organization that's interested in renting a garden plot, you can do so on a semesterly basis at $10 for individuals for a half plot or $30 for a student organization for a full plot. Keep an eye out for information regarding gardening classes, which will be starting soon this fall!