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FSU promotes engagement in sustainability-related learning experiences across the curriculum

Educating students is the primary function of our institution. By training future leaders, scholars, workers, and professionals, we are uniquely positioned to prepare students to understand and address sustainability challenges. These efforts will help develop successful graduates that are prepared for 21st century careers.

Sustainability challenges are highly complex and cannot be solved in traditional ways or by simple solutions. At FSU, students and faculty examine these challenges from environmental, economic, and social perspectives. Sustainability education and research highlight the intersections of these three perspectives and the influence each system has on another.

Sustainability provides a scope for the creation of innovative, interdisciplinary, and collaborative educational experiences. Innovation and new discoveries are found by juxtaposing research, methods, and insights from different fields onto each other. Today, sustainability education and research can be found across campus in fields of science, business, policy, engineering, and more. This creates new opportunities to build partnerships, enhance the student learning experience, and increase community engagement. 

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Opportunities for Instructors and Researchers

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Request a Sustainability Guest Speaker

Request a Sustainable Campus guest speaker or reach out to to request a campus or community speaker on a sustainability-related topic.

Past campus or community presenters have included:

  • Second Harvest of the Big Bend
  • St. Marks Wildlife Refuge
  • ReThink Energy Florida

Sustainability Site Visit

Sustainable Campus Living Lab Grants support instructors who want to integrate a sustainability-related lab or field visit into their course. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, and the limit of the grant request is $500.

Past Living Lab Grant awardees:

  • Spring 2020: Dr. Carolyn Henne, $794.41
  • Spring 2020: Dr. Will Butler, $55.00

Campus as a Living Lab Projects

The Campus as a Living Lab program is an FSU Sustainable Campus initiative. A Living Lab is any educational use of the campus or Tallahassee community. Living Lab projects have a course or classroom dimension and involve experiential student learning that contributes to understanding or advancing sustainability.

At FSU, the Living Lab program connects university faculty and students to campus and community partners through multidisciplinary learning and applied research projects. Through the program, students gain hands-on experience and connect with professionals in the field while campus and community partners benefit from university resources, research, and faculty.

Past Campus as Living Lab Projects:

Campus- or Community-Engaged Research Projects

Sustainability research projects are a way for FSU faculty or researchers to partner with campus or community partners to tackle local questions. Sustainable Campus can help pair faculty/researchers with campus departments or local organizations who are doing work on the ground to solve sustainability-related challenges.

Examples of Campus- or Community-Engaged Research:

  • Developing a searchable online database of accessible recreation features in state parks with the Florida Disabled Outdoors Association
  • Quantifying the Return on Investment for the development of state parks with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection
  • Testing the feasibility of using different species of algae for compost production with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Opportunities for Students

FSU offers courses and degree programs that prepare students to understand and promote sustainability while exploring a variety of pressing societal issues. Through hands-on experiences, students develop skills to implement practical solutions for local, national, and global sustainability challenges.

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