Take Back the Tap (TBTT)

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Take Back the Tap (TBTT) is a student-run campaign aiming to transform Florida State University into a “bottled water free campus” encouraging everyone to use reusable water bottles. We research and discuss various water related issues, such as conservation, quality, and access , along with the local economic, social, and environmental costs related to bottled water. We also develop and implement ideas and methods that can help the student body mitigate these water issues.

Get involved! Students who are involved with TBTT will gain constructive campaigning and leadership experience and will be able to practice communications and organizational skills. To get involved email Allison Perez, anp15c@my.fsu.edu, the Take Back the Tap coordinator.

There are 85+ hydration stations on campus!

Reduce disposable water bottles at your events! If an organization is interested in working with TBTT to reduce the amount of plastic water bottle usage at their events, contact the Take Back the Tap Coordinator. 

Get Take Back the Tap Certified!

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) that are utilizing reusable water bottles, water jugs and tap water at all of their events are eligible to be Take Back the Tap Certified through FSU Sustainable Campus. 

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