Sustainability Pathways

Sustainability Pathways allow students of any major to showcase their sustainability knowledge, engagement, and leadership skills both in and out of the classroom


The Sustainability Pathways program recognizes students as they grow in their sustainability content knowledge and practical experience. Employers are increasingly looking to hire graduates with the skills to tackle environmental, social, and economic challenges. The pathways program allows students to showcase their strengths in these areas across a variety of disciplines. With three badge options, participants have the flexibility to choose their sustainability engagement areas of interest.


A digital badge is an online representation of the knowledge and skills students have gained in their sustainability-related courses or experiences at Florida State University. Students can share their badges with other students, faculty, future employers, or admissions committees to showcase their level of sustainability competency readiness.

Badges are earned by completing pathways, which are learning outlines that guide students through defined activities to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. Pathways are made of milestones, which are activities that are designed for students to provide evidence of their competencies. Reviewers from the Sustainable Campus team evaluate student work to determine if they have met all milestone requirements.

Earn Three Levels of Badges

  • Sustainability Citizen = Complete 5 extracurricular sustainability opportunities 

  • Sustainability Scholar = Complete three course assignments that demonstrate scholarly work in the areas of environmental, economic, and social sustainability 

  • Sustainability Leader = Earn both Scholar and Citizen badges and complete a final reflection 

Sustainability Scholar

Sustainability Scholars demonstrate sustainability literacy through course assignments that reflect scholarly work. Students must complete three milestone requirements to earn the Sustainability Scholars Badge. This includes providing evidence of scholarly work in each of the areas of environmental, economic, and social sustainability. These course assignments can be completed for any class in any major, and the assignment should not be worth more than 30 percent of the total class grade. Through the completion of the badge, students gain knowledge relevant to their field and are able to critically analyze all three dimensions of sustainability.


  • Complete three course assignments that demonstrate scholarly work in the areas of environmental, economic, and social sustainability


  • Environmental Sustainability Literacy
  • Social Sustainability Literacy
  • Economic Sustainability Literacy

Sustainability Citizen

Sustainability Citizens develop skills, form networks, and participate in programs that allow them to thrive in a 21st-century workplace. Students must complete 5 of the available options to fulfill the requirements of the Sustainability Citizen Badge. These options provide opportunities in research, leadership, activism, volunteerism, communication, and other areas of service. Each completed experience represents a significant investment of time and effort, development of professional skills, and engagement in the University and community.


  • Complete 5 of the available options in research, leadership, activism, volunteerism, communication, and other areas of service


  • Sustainability Fellow
  • Student Organic Gardener
  • Eco-Rep
  • Garnet and Gold Recycler
  • Food Saver
  • Community Volunteer
  • Engage 100 Changemaker
  • Sustainability Researcher
  • Sustainability Professional
  • Sustainability Leadership in Practice
  • Sustainability Networker
  • Informed Advocate
  • Sustainability Author
  • Immersive Sustainability Service
  • Safe Cyclist
  • Sustainability Innovator
  • Sustainability Artist

Sustainability Leader

Sustainability Leaders are competitive applicants to positions in any field with both leadership experience and sustainability knowledge.

Students must complete the Sustainability Scholar and Citizen badges and submit a final reflection to earn the Sustainability Leader Badge. Students who have earned the Sustainability Leader badge have built relationships, demonstrated initiative, empowered others to act, and challenged existing systems. They are able to more effectively respond to sustainability challenges in their communities and careers.


  • Earn the Sustainability Citizen Badge
  • Earn the Sustainability Scholar Badge
  • Submit a final reflection


  • Sustainability Citizen Badge
  • Sustainability Scholar Badge
  • Sustainability Reflection


The Sustainability Pathways program is hosted through the online Portfolium platform. Click the link below to be redirected to the Sustainability Pathways Portfolium page to start tracking your sustainability accomplishments!

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Need help? Check out our Student's Guide to Porfolium for a step-by-step tutorial on how to sign up for Sustainability Pathways and submit a milestone. 

Preview the Milestones. Learn all about the various milestones using the Sustainability Pathways Milestone document so that you can chart your course of action before enrolling!

Upcoming Events

The next Pathways Pizza Party Information Session will be held March 20th, 2024 4PM-5PM in Mendenhall A 101, as well as March 21st, 2024 12PM-1PM in Mendenhall A 101.

Resources for Faculty & Advisors

Sustainable Campus encourages faculty members and advisors to share information about Pathways with their students who may be interested in earning credentials and distinguishing themselves as emerging sustainability professionals. To help spread the word, view helpful resources here.


If you have any questions about the Sustainability Pathways program, email the Sustainable Campus team at