Chuck It For Charity Don’t throw it out, donate it: FSU’s Chuck It For Charity celebrates 10 yearsApril 25, 2018

For Florida State University junior Abdullah Derosier, an Unconquered Scholar who came to FSU his freshman year with only a suitcase and 15 cents to his name, getting the basics for college was a challenge.

Thanks to Chuck It For Charity, a partnership between FSU Sustainable Campus and University Housing, Derosier and other students facing hardships are able to get the necessities for college at no cost.

FSU researchers tackle projects examining planet’s sustainability Earth Day: FSU researchers tackle projects examining planet’s sustainabilityApril 20, 2018

Earth Day, celebrated on April 22, promotes healthy activities that individuals or organizations can do to help the planet. Often, this means planting trees, creating more opportunities for recycling or encouraging people to use reusable products.

For many FSU faculty, sustainability is an important question that often drives their research.  FSU researchers are tackling a variety of problems related to the environment, examining the fate of the Gulf of Mexico years after the BP oil spill, how peatlands respond to warming temperatures and more.

TBTT table World Water Day at FSU Poured Down the FactsMarch 25, 2018

Florida State University students participated in this ritual for the fifth time this year. FSU’s World Water Day event was put on by Take Back the Tap (TBTT).

FRN Food Recovery Network at FSU wins local community project competitionMarch 18, 2018

On Feb. 13, 2018 in the nearly empty Tallahassee Mall, a registered student organization, Food Recovery Network at FSU, won a local community project competition. The competition, called SOUP, is an innovative concept that first began in Detroit five years ago and is now active in many cities around the country.


FRN Where Does Leftover Dining Hall Food Go?December 18, 2017

Waste is rampant in America, especially food waste. Luckily, at FSU, the Food Recovery Network exists to package up leftover dining hall food and give it to local shelters in the Tallahassee community. Think your campus needs something like this? Just visit and start combatting waste today.

City of Tallahassee Solar Farm FSU, City of Tallahassee power up with solar energyDecember 04, 2017

Florida State University has entered into a partnership with the City of Tallahassee that will provide the university with solar energy, making campus even greener.

The City of Tallahassee is putting the finishing touches on the community’s first solar farm as part of the Tallahassee Solar Program, which allows residents and businesses to have all or a portion of their monthly electricity consumption powered by solar energy.

FRN Tabling Market Wednesday Greening Our Community – FSU Students Run a Food Recovery ProgramNovember 16, 2017

Since the fall of 2014, the Food Recovery Network at FSU (FRN) has recovered over twenty-five thousand pounds of food for donation to partner agencies within Tallahassee.

Bird's eye view of sustainability hub solar panels and garden beds Learn, plant and grow at the Seminole Organic GardenNovember 05, 2017

Typical student housing options do not offer college students the opportunity to embrace their green thumb. To remedy that issue, the Florida State University Sustainable Campus organization has opened a new Seminole organic garden, giving students the chance to experience hands-on gardening.

Basil spoon label in garden bed Here's Everything You Need To Know About FSU's Organic GardenOctober 25, 2017

Do you want to utilize your green thumb, but your living arrangement doesn't allow you the space? FSU's Seminole Organic Garden may be the perfect place to let your talents shine.

FSU Sustainability Hub FSU Sustainability Hub celebrates grand openingOctober 24, 2017

Florida State University celebrated the grand opening of the new Sustainability Hub at the Seminole Organic Garden with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday, Oct. 20.

The hub is an outdoor learning center dedicated to educating students about renewable energy sources and promoting sustainable lifestyles. The pavilion-type structure is located behind the FSU Circus and overlooks the Seminole Organic Garden.