Food Recovery Network Students Next to Car with Donated Food FSU's Food Recovery Network Aims to Make Campus More SustainableFebruary 24, 2015

FSView / The Food Recovery Network is a nationwide organization that is dedicated to "fighting food waste and feeding people." Their purpose is to unite students on college campuses to help recover and donate unsold food to hungry Americans within their communities.

Two People Fixing a Bike ReCycle Program Rents Bikes to Students for Low FeeJanuary 15, 2015

FSView / By offering students a cheap transportation alternative to cars, the ReCycle Bike Program hopes to spread eco-friendliness and alleviate the congestion of on-campus parking garages during class rush hour.


Bikes Leaning Up Against a Tree and Sunlight Shining on Them FSU Bike Program Makes Student Life More SustainableDecember 04, 2014

Rails to Trails / The biggest success of the program is the fact that less students drive to campus. Our program offers students the choice to live more sustainably and healthy. Once they make that choice to not drive a car, they are making an impact on our campus and on our world.

Food Recovery Network Students FSU Stadium Greening Our Community: Too Much Food – Too Little ConsumedDecember 04, 2014

Tallahassee Blogs / The establishment of our chapter of Food Recovery Network (FRN) at Florida State University three month ago has already yielded far greater success in fighting food waste on campus than we could have ever initially anticipated.

Garnet and Gold Goes Green ‘Garnet & Gold Goes Green’ celebrates 10 yearsSeptember 02, 2014

The traditional gift for a 10thanniversary is aluminum, which is fitting as Florida State University celebrates 10 years of its Garnet & Gold Goes Green (GGGG or G4) game day recycling program at Doak Campbell Stadium.

Recycling Bin and Material with Girl and Boy G4 Celebrates Decade of Game Day RecyclingAugust 29, 2014

Tallahassee Democrat / The traditional gift for celebrating a 10-year anniversary is aluminum – how fitting for celebrating 10 years of Garnet & Gold Goes Green, Florida State’s game day recycling program.

Stokes Stokes lauds student idealism through ‘Chuck It For Charity’April 29, 2014

Florida State University Interim President Garnett S. Stokes observed student idealism at its finest April 29 as a dozen students were just beginning to sort and weigh a random collection of “stuff” — including DVD players, clothing and a big plush turtle — during the spring 2014 Chuck It For Charity drive.

Leftover Dorm Materials for Chuck It for Charity Stokes Lauds Student Idealism Through 'Chuck It For Charity'April 28, 2014

Florida State University News / “This is what Florida State is all about,” said Stokes while touring the Chuck It For Charity collection hub, the university’s Solid Waste and Recycling Facility at 1238 Crate St.


FSU Seal FSU increases alternative transportation resourcesJanuary 14, 2013

FSU has added a host of resources to support students, faculty, and staff who use alternative modes of transportation to and from campus.


Students Walking with Recycling Bags at Football Tailgates Green Your Game Day: FSU’s ‘Garnet and Gold Goes Green’ Kicks Off Its Eighth SeasonAugust 31, 2012

Florida State University News / Florida State University football fans once again have a great opportunity to keep Doak Campbell stadium “green” on Saturday by recycling used beverage containers and reducing the amount of unsightly litter.