Sustainable Course Guide

In the 2020-2021 academic year, FSU taught 250+ sustainability courses in 15 colleges and 34 departments across campus!

What are Sustainability Courses? 

Sustainability is inherently about connectivity, specifically between the environment, economic systems, and equity. As such, for a course to be determined as a ‘sustainability course’ it must identify and describe the relationship between at least two of the three pillars of sustainability or be focused entirely on sustainability. It is essential for the course to articulate the intersections of the pillars of sustainability, highlighting the relationship and influence one system has on another.

How are sustainability courses identified?

In gathering data, FSU Institutional Research pulls course information from Campus Solutions, the student information system at FSU. Staff from the Sustainable Campus Office examine each output to determine if a class is a sustainability course or a course that includes sustainability.

Sustainability course identification is an iterative process and courses may be updated as FSU develops new digital systems to categorize course content. The sustainability course inventory will continue to change and may not be a complete list of all sustainability courses offered at FSU.

FSU Sustainable Course Guide

*Updated December 16, 2022. Please note that the Sustainable Course Guide covers all sustainability-related courses taught from 2018 to 2022. Some courses may not be available every semester. Please contact the department representative to learn more about the scheduling of a particular course. 

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